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Project: Studies Core, Research and Maintanance of Social –environmental businesses

  • What is the project?

The proposal of the project is the result of three converging factors: The businesses potential of the region, the lack of material resources as well as financial and accounting management to support the social-environmental businesses and make possible the construction of new businesses to the society.

Currently the social-environmental business presents itself as a development concept but with theoretical characteristics, method and strategies of its own which highlights the differences between a traditional social management and an enterprising one.

The characteristics of a social business are:

-          Collective because produces goods and services to the community;

-          Focus on the quets for social problems solutions;

-          Respect to the people especially those on social risk;

The project aims to support the sustainable development of innovative social environment initiatives, with finance and accounting support to the entities which have generated positive impact in the local society and have stimulated social activities in the Distriti Federal and surroundings.

-          Importance:

The creation of the core will make possible that studies in the area of social balance, social responsibilities and environmental accounting may be aggregated to the UnB Accounting Science Department generating a synergy between theory and practice, besides it will promote the engagement between graduate and undergraduate students with themes that lead to practical action towards society.


A)General Objectives:

-          Promoting the network action by social-environmental initiatives, civil society organizing, companies, governs, Academy and international organizations towards the sharing of knowledge and technology and the establishment of partnerships and businesses;

-          Play a role in the dissemination of the enterprising and professionalism of the social-environmental sector.

-          Guarantee an adequate and efficient assistance system to the development of these business in DF and surroundings;


-          Enable social-environmental agents in the processes of management and enterprising such as controlling and costs;

-          Support businesses as to organizing, execution, planning evaluation and follow-up of the businesses regarding finance and accounting;

-          Develop capacitating technologies In the accounting financial area;

-          Disclose and articulate precise information abou the social-environmental local scenario;

-          Contribute for the generation of data, articles, studies and research about the local economy;

-          Offer financial and accounting assistance, consultancy and research targeted to the segment

  • Methodology

The core has the following goals for one year time:

-          Incentivate enterprises which were considered as competitive, innovators and of quality, thus generating work and income;

-          Develop projects that promote social inclusion in an active way and education through social-environment enterprising

-          Promote exchanging events between social-environment business people and the local society;

-          Elaborate studies of social-environmental economy, developing knowledge about the influence of the sector in Distrito Federal and sourroundings;

-          How to attend it:

       A) Enabling: Workshops, Seminars, lectures;

.     B) Research: to observe tendencies and improvement in the social-environment businesses

Some Results

-          Seminar ”Accounting & Pension: Challenges and Perspectives” (01/09/2011-UnB)

-          Artigle: “Economical sustainability of the Institutions for Elderly long staying”. Presented in the International Congress of Costing in Punta Del Leste – Uruguay (27-29 of November 2011)

-          Ongoing Research on solid residues

         Project executing period: 02/05/2011 – 01/05/2012


  • Fátima de Souza Freire: Management Coordinator;
  • Abimael de Jesus Barros Costa: Deputy Coordinator;
  • Elaine Santos da Silva: Fellow Extension;
  • Liege Moraes do Carmo: Fellow Extension;
  • Rodrigo de Souza Gonçalves: Collaborator UnB


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